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Meet the Team Behind Lottie



Emily DePascale 

Emily DePascale is a proud and dedicated mother of three amazing children. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Emily now resides in the picturesque town of Ridgewood, New Jersey, along with her loving family.

Driven by her passion for needlepoint, Emily founded Lott
ie Needlepoint, a creative venture focused on crafting beautiful canvases that bring joy and inspiration. Her deep love for this art form stems from her childhood, where she learned needlepoint from her mother, who in turn, had acquired the skill from her own father.

What makes needlepoint truly special to Emily is not only the artistic expression it offers but also the love and excitement it ignites in her children. As she creates handmade treasures for her kids, Emily knows that each stitch is much more than a mere artwork – it becomes a cherished family heirloom, carrying profound sentimental value.

Emily DePascale's journey as a mother, an artist, and an entrepreneur showcases her unwavering dedication to her family, her craft, and the joy of creating memories through the art of needlepoint.

Caroline Edit_edited.jpg

Lead Designer 

Caroline Rueve 

Caroline, Emily DePascale's talented little sister, resides in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. Alongside her boyfriend Sean and their adored dog Brooks, she has found her home in the heart of the Windy City.

Caroline's passion for needlepoint runs deep, and she has transformed her love for this art form into a rewarding career. As a needlepoint enthusiast, she not only teaches classes to eager learners but is also the brilliant design force behind Lottie Needlepoint. Her creative talents, paired with her keen eye for design, allow her to bring unique and imaginative creations to life.

Caroline's unwavering dedication to her craft, her love for needlepoint, and her ability to merge creativity with practicality make her a truly remarkable and inspiring artist in the world of needlepoint.

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